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Telling The Story of Faena

As digital agency of record for Faena, King & Partners was enlisted to design and build a site that would reflect the spirit of Faena, position it as a lifestyle brand, and convey the many aspects of the brand that live within the Faena name in a simple, yet beautiful, manner.

The homepage starts the user on a journey of discovery, providing a clear direction to appropriate content. The left side of the page holds video content or images - this side of the page excites. The right side of the page contains stories and social content - this side of the page informs. As the user scrolls or swipes down the homepage, video and interactive diagrams spring to life. We created clear paths to each business subsection. The top navigation directs users through a visual rollover system, letting users jump to any section without needing to go to a landing page first.

The outcome has been a vibrant collection of Faena offerings that simultaneously separate each complex facet of Faena while bringing it all together into one digital space that is consistent with the brand’s business objectives.