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A Master Architect's Vision For City Living

David Chipperfield’s latest masterpiece required a complete digital solution that would span multiple channels and reflect the design principles of the esteemed architect.

Chipperfield’s minimalistic design principles and painstaking attention to detail are reflected in the site design, which emphasizes the richness of materials and the considered modulation of light and views.

King & Partners rolled out a launch strategy to encourage early engagement with the target audience. The evolution began with a holding page to capture contacts and facilitate communication. The next stage was a landing page that introduces the renowned architect, the interior and exterior designs, and the neighborhood. The final iteration of the site is a fully-fledged marketing tool to drive inquiries and sales office appointments.

The final result is a complete digital experience built to be lasting, flexible, and communicable. It is a principal resource for Corcoran Sunshine as they cultivate interest and close sales of the property.