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Beautifully Balanced

ASH & AMES is a jewelry brand with a cause - sales of their unique pieces directly benefit underprivileged women across the world. The brand founders came to King & Partners looking for a way to let their customers enjoy a luxurious online shopping experience, while remaining loyal to their local ASH & AMES Ambassador.

King & Partners created a sophisticated Multi Level Marketing approach that provides customers with the ability to assign their ASH & AMES Ambassador in checkout or to access the site by their Ambassador's unique shop web address. Powered by the Sellect platform’s sophisticated MultiLevel module, Ambassadors can review all orders assigned to their profile in the Admin, and Admin users can search orders by Ambassador, and review Ambassador orders in sales reports. The MultiLevel tool in Sellect is scalable; Admin users can easily remove Ambassadors or add new Ambassadors as they join the company. Sellect’s social feed seamlessly integrates Beautifully Balanced content within the site.

This fully flexible site immerses the user in rich photography and video, created by King & Partners to align with the brand vision. The result is a sumptuous site that responds to your touch as you scroll through, inspiring feelings of delight and desire.