Bottega veneta

Bottega veneta Bottega veneta

A Site to Match the Beauty and Precision of Each Note

Tomas Maier, Creative Director of Italian luxury house Bottega Veneta, created a scent for women so quintessential to the brand that the finished product brings to mind the words refined, classic and timeless. In collaboration with Lloyd & Co., King & Partners designed a microsite completely devoted to the fragrance with the streamlined aesthetic of the Bottega Veneta brand. Renowned visionary photographer/videographer, Bruce Weber created a print campaign and film to ”depict the soul of the fragrance.” To parallel the romance of the film, the Bottega Veneta Parfum site was created using a backdrop of the film's hauntingly beautiful frames of shadows, silhouettes, oaks and rolling dusk-ridden clouds. The site itself features anything and everything related to the perfume including a commissioned short by Christian Weber called ”The Scent,” the Bruce Weber film, bios of featured model Nina D'Urso and Creative Director Tomas Maier, conceptualization of the bottle and, of course, the olfactory recipe of the Bottega Veneta Parfum itself. The result is a beautiful dedicated site created in the likeness of both the film and fragrance.