Calder Calder

Redefining research. Revamping artistic archives.

The Calder Foundation, the holding organization devoted to all of American artist Alexander Calder's illustrious life and work, sought King & Partners to craft a site that will play a vital role in creating a higher visibility for Calder's work from all periods of his life. To support the institution in adapting to today's digital savvy world, King & Partners worked with creative director Guido Callarelli to create a content-driven, sophisticated site that consists of Calder's chronological work that would give simple access to scholars and researchers everywhere on finding the latest press as well as archival information on the artist's masterpieces. The site will also become the main portal for Calder enthusiasts to easily find thousands of his sculptures, monumental outdoor works, oil paintings, works on paper, toys, pieces of jewelry, and household objects. Videos of his work in progress are also featured to further exemplify Calder's imprint on the art industry. Original content, including homepage videos, created by King & Partners.