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Digitizing Personal Service

As well as designing and building eCommerce experiences, King & Partners also develops and launches products. Iras is a perfect example of how what we've learned in the digital luxury space can be applied to the realm of tech products. An iPad/iPhone tool linking customer and sales associate, Iras helps deepen relationships between consumer and brand. From their device, customers may view feeds from their favorite brands and schedule store visits to view preselected and recommended items. Luxury brands have placed considerable investment in their brick-and-mortar presences and in the caliber of their employees, resources often overlooked and underutilized in the era of eCommerce. Iras is designed to re-establish the link between a brand's digital and real-world presences, and grow traffic to both. Bespoke, personalized service is the essence of luxury, and Iras brings the best, most attentive in-person assistance to the digital shopping experience.