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A Digital Archive for a Celebrated Image-Maker

Sebastian Faena’s camera is no stranger to beauty. The celebrated photographer and filmmaker has captured many of the world’s most notable celebrities and models on camera, from Gigi Hadid to Kate Upton, in publications such as CR Fashion Book and V Magazine. He came to King & Partners seeking our help to reinvent his digital presence. The user explores large-scale images and video, with the ability to easily jump back and forth from individual campaigns or stories to the photographer’s portfolio through an unconventional yet effortless navigation system. The homepage loading image changes each time a user visits the site, keeping the experience fresh. We built the custom site and created a CMS that suits the photographer’s needs in maintaining an organized digital archive of his work. Sebastian Faena’s website performs as a digital lightbox for his images of enduring beauty, built to expand in tandem with his body of work.