Thakoon Thakoon

Closing the Designer-Consumer Gap

To further enhance the customer experience, Thakoon launched eCommerce on July 21st, powered by Sellect. As Thakoon's designs continue to transcend time, the company tapped King & Partners to create a site that would provide consumers with a voyeuristic experience into the world of the designer - to set it at the forefront of the fast-moving digital world. The site includes high resolution photos of each collection, exclusive behind-the-scene episodes of the designer/brand, and a social media landing page called The Latest showcasing an integrated Twitter, Tumblr blog, and Facebook page. This closes the gap between the brand and its consumers even further, for designers can no longer rely on the allure of inaccessibility. February 13th marked the launch of the brand site, and with a live stream of the FW2011 collection from The Plaza Ballroom, thousands of fans got a front row seat. Powered by the Sellect platform.