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Rethinking the Fashion Industry’s Most Powerful Tools

WGSN is the world’s leading trend authority, serving the fashion and creative industries. The globally-renowned company provides trend forecasting, live analytics, and design tools to brands so that they can deliver the right products to consumers at the right time. Along with a variety of software products, the WGSN website is a primary platform for members, and enjoys a 91% subscription renewal rate. With an active and loyal user base across all channels, there was a need to evolve the WGSN offerings to better serve members. WGSN tasked King & Partners with devising a new approach to their website and to the entire suite of WGSN products.

The idea was to bring all of WGSN’s market leading products together into a one-stop resource. With 350 reports per month, 17 million+ images, 23 product categories, and 100 million SKUs, the wealth of information on WGSN.com could seem overwhelming. King & Partners rethought an entirely new UX, UI, and designs for their site and each of their software tools.

In close collaboration with WGSN, King & Partners created powerful, user-friendly interfaces for the entire suite of WGSN products.