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Senior Developer - Back End, NYC / Philadelphia


King & Partners’ mission is to set the standard for creative ideas and best-in-class digital platforms for luxury fashion and lifestyle brands, and to go above and beyond in everything we do and everything we make. This is a place where we aspire to learn as much as execute. We get excited by new technology, new ways to communicate and new ways to do business. We believe an empowered, trusted, open team works better and achieves better results than one that’s bound by department or hierarchy. We love beautiful imagery, great design, powerful technology, elegant code and game-changing ideas.

Our eCommerce platform Sellect is designed specifically for the fashion eCommerce market. Our mission is to make software that is simple and intuitive with a robust feature set so brands can easily manage and grow their eCommerce business. We love what we do, and this passion inspires the work we do for our clients. Located in the heart of the NoHo District, Sellect offices draw inspiration from the creative environment that surrounds us.

Founder and CEO Tony King is a digital creative visionary, widely regarded as one of the forefathers of the luxury e-commerce industry. In 2000, as Gucci Group’s eBusiness Director, Tony launched the first digital flagships for Gucci, Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney, YSL, and Bottega Veneta. The sites launched under Tony’s creative direction at Gucci Group were among the first eCommerce sites in the luxury sector, firmly establishing him as a digital luminary.

In 2003 Tony founded CreateTheGroup, which quickly became the industry leader for fashion and luxury e-commerce, managing the digital presence for over 50 brands. In 2009 Tony left CreateTheGroup, and in 2010 started King & Partners, to focus on true collaborations with a curated group of exceptional clients.


We are looking for a generalist who enjoys learning and working with new technologies and wants to ship code every day in a sustainable, manageable environment. You will have the opportunity to shape features within the platform from bottom-level details up to top-level big picture ideas.

You’ll be responsible for:

- Building new features, from inception to delivery

- Validating ideas and prototyping experiments

- Debugging and resolving issues

- Expanding our test coverage and documentation

- Contributing to our idea pool and helping to determine the next iterations


- 3+ years experience developing and shipping Ruby on Rails applications

- Strong skills in a general purpose programming language such as C, C++, Java, C#, Ruby, Python, or the like

- Strong command of web standards and CSS-based design

- Solid understanding of MVC, OOP and relational databases

- Disciplined approach to testing with TDD and experience with quality assurance

- Great written communication and documentation abilities